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You can download a Neos Box here:

What you’ll get

When you download Codecoon Boxes, this is what you’ll get

Codecoon Boxes is an infrastructure service that provides both 
deployment, migration of code, testing server and live hosting 
in one combined package.

Codecoon Boxes are virtual boxes packed with everything you need to develop: 
A web server, database, PHP and TYPO3.

It will be possible to work with multiple virtual boxes on one project. 
This way developers can collaborate in a unified deployment setup.

Remember that Codecoon Boxes is still in Beta.
Many things will be improved in the coming months.


Since your local development environment is the exact same 
as the demo stage, deploying can be done by the click of a button.


On the demo stage, you can give clients access to their projects, 
making it extremely easy to test.


Soon, you will be able to buy Codecoon Hosting
and deploy to production from your demo stage.


So much more than just hosting

We provide a complete development framework

Codecoon Boxes provides you a free way to use our development infrastructure on your local computer—and deploy to a free demo stage.
Soon it will also be possible to buy shared or dedicated servers at Codecoon Hosting to complete the full production environment—from development to demo to production.

All that is possible because the environment you get from us to your local computer is just the same as what’s running on our servers. Dependency problems will be a thing of the past.

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